Monday, March 25, 2013

Student Focus Night with Jen Whalen!

Join us in the John Candy Box Theatre on Wednesday April 3rd at 9pm for a FREE Q&A session with JENNIFER WHALEN and get a preview of what Bruce Pirrie's WRITING IV class is working on!

To reserve your spot email:
Spaces are limited, so it's first come first served!!!

Jennifer Whalen is a Toronto based writer and Second City Alumni.

She wrote for five seasons on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” two of them as Head Writer. In addition she's worked on “The Ron James Show,” ”The Jon Dore Show” and the critically acclaimed “Gavin Crawford Show.” Jennifer co-created, wrote and produced “The Bronte's” an animated children’s show for Disney as well as developing “Little Mosque On The Prairie” and “Instant Star.” Most recently, she returned to her comfort zone: shows with some guy’s name in the title and wrote on “Gavin Crawford’s Wild West”.

She has been nominated for three Geminis, four Canadian Comedy Awards and won both a WGC Award and a Canadian Comedy Award for her work on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

According to IMDB she danced the lead in Swan Lake in 2005. She wishes this were true. AND FYI... The answer to your question is YES. YES SHE IS KEVIN WHALEN'S SISTER.

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