Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Toronto Critics call "The Meme-ing of Life "an Epic Win"

A new revue hit the stage at The Second City Toronto last night, and critics have been quick to heap praise on the new production and its cast. The Meme-ing of Life -- the Second City's 71st Mainstage Revue in Toronto -- has an amazing opening night attended my members of the media, as well as many generations of Second City alumni.

The Toronto Star awarded the show four stars, and called The Meme-ing of Life "the most deliciously subversive comic stealth bomb of a show that the company has created in many years. It's also very, very, very, very, very, very funny. That's one 'very' for each of the gifted members of the cast."
(Click for full review) also awarded four stars, and said "The Meme-ing of Life is an Epic Win"
(Click for full review)

Congratulations to the wonderful cast and creative team!

The Meme-ing of Life is now on stage at The Second City Toronto each Wednesday through Sunday evening.
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