Monday, April 1, 2013

The Second City Training Center is Calling Stand-up Comics for April 19th Showcase in Donny's Skybox

Attention all stand-up comics who have ever taken a class (ANY class in ANY program) at The Second City Training Center:

The Second City Training Center is accepting applications to perform at The SCTC Rapid-Fire Stand-Up Showcase.

This one-time event will take place on Friday, April 19th, 2013, at 11pm in the Skybox Theatre. It'll be a short show -- no more than 50 minutes. Tickets will be free.

We are seeking applicants who would like to perform a short set at the show. Set length will likely be 2.5 minutes. (We will also have two headliners -- also SCTC alumni -- who will do 7-minute sets, but they are already booked. You can only apply to do a short set.)

You can apply here. FYI, here's the info that the application form will ask you for:

• Your first and last name
• Your stage name if it is different
• One-paragraph performer's bio and/or one-paragraph description of what you've done stand-up wise
• One-paragraph description of classes/programs you've taken at the SCTC
• (Optional) Link to a video of you doing stand-up. Even if the production quality is not high, if you've got decent video, send it so we can see you doing stand-up.

We are accepting applications now, and will stop accepting applications at 12 noon on Wednesday, April 10th. Note that we only have a small number of slots available. We will e-mail ALL applicants with our decisions, by 12 noon on Friday, April 12th. If you have questions, please email Please use subject line "Rapid-Fire Showcase" in your email.


  1. So far I have performed 50 stand-up comedy open mics over the past 5 months; my set times ranging between 3 to 15mins most of which I do without using my notes. I write no less than 10 bits a day which is between 20 mins to an hour of material daily. I believe it is time for me to advance to a showcase or short performance as to gain experience in front of an actual audience outside the realm of the open mic.

    As for my training at Second City, I have taken and completed Improv levels A/B and stand-up comedy level 1. The improv classes were effective in that they paved the way in terms of breaking the ice performance-wise helping to instill a basic level of confidence with a fine introduction to acting. The stand-up class taught me a lot about the different styles of writing/performing stand-up comedy and was a great confidence builder. I really got a feel for the amount of work that goes into being a stand-up comedian. It was a realistic and strong start to persuing my life's passion: stand-up comedy.

  2. Hosted Northdown for/ worked with Andrew Thorp in a standup capacity several times! Ill be at the show either way! Love to see standup at SC!