Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tina Fey Wins Best Comedy Actress at the Comedy Awards

Second City Alum Tina Fey took home the Comedy Award for Best Comedy Actress for her performance in Date Night, beating out other amazing nominees, like Helen Mirren.

In her speech, Fey said: "The only thing I knew for sure while we were making this movie was that I was so fucking crushing Helen Mirren at acting."

As for her co-star Steve Carell: "Steve, you're a prince among men, you make it easy to improvise. When I was a student at Second City, I used to sit on a bench in the theater and watch Steve onstage, and if you had told me that someday I would be in a movie with him and I would be paid almost half of what he was making... thank you."

Read more about the ceremony here.

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