Thursday, April 22, 2010

Second City Hollywood Teacher Headlines Disaster Date on MTV

Monika Smith

Monika Smith, a teacher at The Second City Hollywood, has landed a regular gig on MTV's Disaster Date - a hilarious new hidden camera dating show that puts unsuspecting singles on the worst blind date of their lives. And it all comes courtesy of a best friend looking for payback.

The daters are unwittingly set up with a comedic improv actor (Monika) whose only job is to turn the date into a complete mess by breaking all of the dating rules. But the actor won't do it alone because the friend directs all the action from the control room feeding personal information about the dater to the actor. After all, who knows how to push the dater's buttons better than a best friend?

You can catch Disaster Dates every weekday on MTV!

In addition to Disaster Dates, Monika can be seen as a recurring character on Spike TV's Players, as a recurring character on Comedy Central's Rich Dicks, and most recently on Apples to Apples.

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