Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Second City for Mayor makes it to city hall!

Last night in the Member's Lounge of City Hall the talk was all about sister cities, baseball and a lot of laughs. Toronto Mayor David Miller welcomed U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson in a reception for city council members and local business and civic leaders. The reception was sponsored by the Sisters Cities committee, and there were many mutual declarations of affection between the cities of Toronto and Chicago which Mayor Miller described as "the two capitol cities of the great lakes."

The talk then turned to baseball, with Ambassador Jacobson conflicted about whom to root for in that evening's Blue Jays-White Sox game (the ambassador is a die-hard Cubs fan). The Ambassador quoted the sentiments of late columnist Mike Royko regarding the hierarchy of Chicago Baseball fans — with Cubs fans at the top, followed by White Sox fans, then those who don't care about baseball and, at the bottom, those who root for both.

The evening also featured a performance by the Toronto troupe of The Second City, an institution in both of the sister cities. As Ambassador Jacobson entered the reception, he was handed a Second City for Mayor lapel pin. While he's not supposed to get involved in local politics, he said "this is one campaign I can support." As the ambassador reminisced in his remarks "(The Second City)...was the place I saved up for when I had a special date. So tonight feels like I'm on a special date again."

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