Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Second City Training Center Volunteer Team Celebrates Its 200th Event

In just 16 months, over 100 Second City students have participated in more than 200 events to help Chicago non-profit organizations and partners. Quick Stats
  • Over 45 dogs walked and socialized with Safe Humane Chicago.
  • Over 100 4-12 year-olds taught improv games at Chicago Cares, House of Good Shepherd, Lurie’s Childrens’ Hospital and more.
  • Over 200 pounds of organic vegetables harvested with Ginkgo Gardens.
  • Over 10 cat costume appearances at Treehouse Humane Society Events.
  • Over $10,000 in volunteer credits redeemed for TC classes.

In late 2011, The Second City Training Center created ‘The Second City Dream Team,’ an organization that offers current students the opportunity to volunteer with The Second City and local non-profit partners and receive class discounts for each event worked. The Dream Team has become a huge hit and now participates in over 20 events a month all over the city. Non-profit organizations have found that asking students of comedy to lend a hand has provided great results. As skilled improvisers, Dream Team members think quick on their feet, are ready for any challenge, and always bring a positive attitude. And with their vast volunteer ensemble the Dream Team is always looking for new partners!
Safe Humane Chicago’s Executive Director, Cynthia Bathhurst, says, "Safe Humane Chicago has the privilege of having the continued and dedicated support from the amazing (and fun!) volunteers from the Second City Training Center. They play a crucial role in our Court Case Dog Program with Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC). They dedicate their time, kindness, compassion and attention to dogs who arrive at CACC as “evidence” in criminal court cases or investigations and become part of our program to socialize, train and improve the quality of their lives until we help transfer them to partner rescues and ensure their success in loving homes.

Every Saturday, you can see SC students pulling weeds and planting organic crops at Ginkgo Gardens, an organization that gives its organic harvest to low-income residents carrying HIV. If you see a human-sized cat waving to you at a Treehouse Humane Society event, chances are it’s a Dream Team volunteer helping kitties find homes. Stop by for a Second City Training Center student show and odds are a Second City Dream Team member is helping you get tickets.

About The Second City Training Center: For over fifty years The Second City has created a wealth of comedic material from a legendary group of performers. The Training Center follows the traditions developed by these groundbreaking and innovative men and women while encouraging the continued growth and development of the art forms of comedy and improvisation. Today, The Second City Training Center is the largest school of improvisation and sketch comedy in the world, offerings courses for all ages and experience levels.

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