Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Co-Author of "The Second City Guide To Improv in the Classroom,," Katherine McKnight, releases new title, "Hands-on Grammar."

Katherine McKnight is back with another classroom guide for educators. Check out the press release here.

Katherine teamed up with The Second City's beloved Mary Scruggs in 2007 to create "The Second City Guide To Improv In The Classroom," giving teachers an array of improv exercises to boost skills that are crucial for student learning: listening, teamwork, communication, idea-generation, vocabulary, and more. The book's exercises are used in The Second City Training Center's ongoing workshop "Improv for Creative Pedagogy." Educators gain CPU's while learning fundamental improvisational exercises, techniques and methods of adapting these to classroom instruction of any content area or grade level.

For more information on "Improv For Creative Pedagogy" or "Improv for Literacy," please contact the Training Center at 312.664.3959 or click here.

About the Authors of "The Second City Guide To Improv in the Classroom"

Katherine S. McKnight, Ph.D., associate professor at National-Louis University and an onsite consultant for the National Council of Teachers of English, is co-author of Teaching Writing in the Inclusive Classroom and Teaching the Classics in the Inclusive Classroom.

Mary Scruggs (1964-2011) was an actress, director, playwright, and educator. She was the head of writing and education programs for The Second City Training Center in Chicago.

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