Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Conservatory Student Michael Rose Publishes Novel!

Party Wolves Unleashed in Bizarro Debut Novel from Michael A Rose

Chicago, IL 11/14/11 - What happens when a man's eyeballs fall in love and leave their owner? When Norman Spooter's eyeballs steal his car and take off for parts unknown, he does what any of us would probably do in that situation... he goes back to bed, hoping it'll all resolve itself. Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, a pack of wolves moves in. The worst thing is, they're party wolves... so he decides he's going to get his eyeballs back. He joins forces with a mysterious woman named Zoe, She needs him too... She's on the run from her psycho ex-boyfriend, who happens to be a dangerous walrus. The road trip/chase novel is flipped on its head with a few stops in such places as the bizarre "Motel Sick" and a cult town in North Dakota. With violence and insanity nipping at his heels and a race against the clock to get his body parts back, this could turn out very badly for Norman Spooter.

Michael Allen Rose explores this bizarre premise in Party Wolves in my Skull (108 pp., tpb, $9.95), a bizarro road-trip novel brimming with imagination. Rose's plays have been seen in Chicago, as well as New York, Portland, Denver and other major cities. He's also been published as part of the anthology "Kizuna: Fiction for Japan," an international effort to bring relief to Japan in the wake of the 2011 tsunami. This project however, marks Rose's first turn as a published novelist.

Patrick Wensink, author of Black Hole Blues and Sex Dungeon for Sale! has this to say: "Supposedly, Hemmingway pulled the trigger after failing to finish the Great American Lupine Shindig Novel. Thankfully, Michael Rose picks up where Papa left off and saves a bullet in the process. Filled with runaway eyeballs, debauched wolves and a pill-popping man trying to keep it all straight, Party Wolves in my Skull is one furry keg stand of a book."

Garrett Cook, author of Jimmy Plush: Teddy Bear Detective and Archelon Ranch says the book is "Unusual. Special. A union of Rocko's Modern Life and The Coen Brothers oozing with creativity and heart."

Zack Parsons, Something Awful columnist and author of Your Next Door Neighbor is a Dragon says, "Party Wolves in My Skull reflects Michael Rose's unwavering commitment to the absurd."

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  1. Aw, shucks guys! I just hope it's half as funny as my time at Second City has been! It's now available on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble dot com! :)