Monday, November 7, 2011

Celebrities Performing at Second City Hollywood this November and December

The Second City Studio Stage in Hollywood welcomes many favorite celebrities in the coming weeks! Jim Belushi continues his run of performances wih Rob Belushi and John Barinholtz in "Sheldon" at 8pm Nov 14. Paul F. Tompkins will guest in "Late Night with Howie Kremer" Dec 9. Fred Willard's "MoHos" continue their monthly run at Second City Hollywood with an appearance in the "Twice as Nice" charity show Dec 10. Bob Odenkirk will also be appearing Dec 10 in the show "Second City This Week." And Molly Ringwald is the special guest host for "Second City This Week's" last show of the year on Dec 17!

Tickets for all shows are aavailable here.

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  1. Too bad the show is over. I was really looking forward to seeing people make fools of themselves intentionally.