Thursday, September 8, 2011

Toronto Training Centre Open House October 1st!

We're opening our doors for FREE workshops, shows, prizes, food and more!

Have you always wanted to try improv, writing or stand up? Have you ever walked by 70 Peter Street and wondered "What's in the basement of that office building?" Well now you can find out!

We have classes for:
Adults (Improv, Writing, Stand Up, Conservatory, Singing)
Youth & Teens (Winter, March Break & Summer Camps, weekly improv classes, bi-weekly performances in The John Candy Box)
Shows: Every night of the week!

Every 15 minutes there is a show, drop in class, or prize giveaways!

No preregistration required!

There is lots for current students too! Try our Writing for TV class, or our Stand Up Drop In. If you are a current student, bring a friend! If they sign up for a class on Open House Day, you get $25 off your next class!

We'll also be unveiling our NEW merchandise!

See you October 1st!!


  1. My facebook mini news feeds, daniel seljack is not obvious about my ambitions.

    in regards,


    1. I don't need your inspiration Darryl Orr!! CON! how dare you copy my name and dry hump affair with Alison Orr.

  2. Wish we could attend, want to sign my daughter up for classes & even myself...but October 1st is Rosh Hashana the Jewish new year, ...are you going to have another open house? Already left a telephone message for someone to get back to me regarding classes before I noticed the open house.

  3. celine (the other one)September 28, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    see you dere........

  4. What time does the open house start?