Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nora Dunn Visits with Second City Students

Today, students of The Second City Training Center and Comedy Studies Program had the opportunity to attend and participate in an exclusive hour long Q&A session with Nora Dunn. An alum of Saturday Night Live, Nora Dunn is currently performing in Broadway in Chicago's Love, Loss & What I Wore through December 4th at the Broadway Playhouse. Click here for more information and ticket information.

Click here for more information about our Training Center.


  1. i got that picture from a online library that is very nice one no doubt!

  2. To those that could not attend the event, here is a publicly accessible Dropbox link to the unedited recording of the Q&A:


    (Note: Certain computers will be able to download the .mp3 simply by right-clicking the above link and choosing "Save Link As..." If your computer does not allow for such an option, feel free to email me at dgrody@gmail.com and I will provide you with another option.)