Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Second City Toronto Show Opens to Rave Reviews

Second City Toronto's new revue, Dreams Really Do Come True! (and other lies) opened Tuesday and rave reviews are already rolling in. Check out this one from The Toronto Star:

"You're not even a minute into the latest Second City show, Dreams Really Do Come True! (and other lies), when the belly laughs start coming, as they did at the final preview I attended on Saturday night."


"The bottom line is that this is a smart, sharp, snappy show with a bite that's even better than its hilarious bark.

You'll laugh your head off while it's on and then you might stay up all night thinking about what you've just seen. That's what Second City comedy at its best can do and that's what Dreams Really Do Come True! (and other lies) accomplishes time and time again."

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