Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Rave Review for Sky's the Limit from the Chicago Reader

Tony Adler at the Chicago Reader published his review of the new Second City e.t.c. show Sky's the Limit (Weather Permitting) in this week's edition. It's a great review and filled with insights about the show.

Of the sketches in the show, he said, "Does that mean they're instant classics? Or that they're so exaggerated that they simply come across as cartoons? Well, yes. Both."

"At least one sketch in Sky's the Limit is an honest-to-god candidate for the greatest-hits collection."

Tony also commented o how both reviews right connect with our current culture, but in completely different ways, saying, "If you can stand that much hilarity, you might want to see both Sky's the Limit and the current main-stage show, South Side of Heaven. They make an interesting pair. Both are basically concerned with how fucked we are, on a micro as well as macro level. But South Side of Heaven is a lot more pessimistic—even, at times, savage—about it. Sky's the Limit, meanwhile, is like the girlfriend Joy plays: always ready to believe."

Read the full review at Chicago Reader.

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