Monday, May 17, 2010

The Second City supports Comics for Kids

Thanks to our generous patrons, The Second City was able to raise $5,000.00 for Comics for Kids, a wonderful program that brings live comedy shows to patients at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Dozens of Toronto’s best sketch comedians, improvisers and standups volunteer their time in the program. The following is a letter from Comics for Kids founder Eric Toth.

Hey Everyone,

It's been 3 years of 'Comics For Kids', and I want to thank everyone for coming out and donating their time and talent. These shows not only make a difference for the kids, but the parents and staff need a laugh too.

With the money we made from the Comics for Kids show in March, we're buying the hospital a massive DVD library, so the kids can watch comedy movies while they're stuck in the hospital.

AND...with the money Second City collected from their generous audience, we bought the hospital's theatre a brand new state of the art microphone system (over $5,000!) They had one hand held mic, and a busted lav mic before this. Now they won't feel so embarrassed when they bring in musicians, hockey players, actors, etc to talk to the kids. Plus, it now broadcasts to the rooms, so the kids who can't physically make it down to the theatre can watch shows like ours from their rooms.

So a HUGE thanks to Second City! Specifically Julianne Snepsts, Klaus Schuller, and Coleen Beaton. A big thanks to Jennifer Goodhue for all her hard work! And a huge thanks to everyone who has shared their ability to make people laugh over the years. Good on you! We're always open to new performers, and anyone can sign up at anytime.

Hope to see you at the shows,
Eric Toth

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