Thursday, May 20, 2010

Parvesh Cheena lands a Series Regular Role on NBC’s New, Outsourced

Earlier this week NBC announced that it was picking up the new comedy, Outsourced for its line-up. This new series is about the Midwest meeting the exotic East in this hilarious culture clash. Parvesh Cheena, a graduate of the Second City Training Center in Hollywood, will star as Gupta, an employee at the new call center.

From writer Robert Borden (The Drew Carey Show) and director Ken Kwapis (The Office) comes a comedy where cultural differences are a novelty.

Mid America Novelties sells products like whoopee cushions, foam fingers, and wallets made of bacon. Yes, this is the stuff upon which the American way of life is built, but try explaining that to someone who lives on the other side of the world.

Well, that's exactly what Todd Donovan must do when he's sent to run the company's call center in India. Talk about culture shock, and not just for Todd's employees. While Todd has to teach them how to make the up-sell to the Deluxe Twin Beer Helmet, he's going to have to adapt as well. Like in a country where cows are sacred, perhaps you don't order a double cheeseburger.

Be sure to tune in and see Parvesh in what is sure to be NBC’s next big hit!

Outsourced Website

Parvesh Cheena

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