Monday, February 22, 2010

Second City Toronto Announces Latest Revue

The Second City, North America's premiere comedy institution, is proud to announce their new revue, Second City for Mayor! Hey, why not us? We're well known, popular, good looking and have lots of secret girlfriends. Second City for Mayor is a fast-paced, hilarious revue of comic sketches, songs and improvisation featuring up-to-the-minute social and political satire. It's the funniest night you can spend in Toronto...well, at least until the city council starts serving beer.

It's time we had a city government we can laugh at for the right reasons. And Second City for Mayor delivers the laughs by blending The Second City's famous sketch comedy with director Melody A. Johnson's playful and artistic theatrical style. Returning to the stage in Second City for Mayor are Rob Baker, Dale Boyer, Adam Cawley, Caitlin Howden and Reid Janisse. Joining the cast is a two time Canadian Comedy Award nominee (Dreadwood, Battleawesome Awesomestar) and member of the Second City Touring Company Mr. Kris Siddiqi.

To purchase tickets visit or call 416.343.0011 now!

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