Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Second City has raised a total of $28,197 for funds to be directed to the Red Cross for Haiti Relief.

In the immediate wake of this tragedy, The Second City challenged its staff to raise as much money as possible and pledged to match all funds collected. The Second City is thrilled to offer their donation to Red Cross Haiti relief in the US and Canada. By matching the funds donated by audience members and Second City staff in Chicago, Toronto and Hollywood, we are able to donate a grand total of $28,197.

In the last few weeks, The Second City has collected donations from audience members in Chicago and led community-wide initiatives in Toronto and Hollywood – including special performances featuring a plethora of Second City alumni. Staff members rallied to create these events and were thrilled with the generosity of their audiences. Due to Canadian government matching, the funds donated to Canadian Red Cross will also include an additional $9,599.61. Thank you to all who made this possible.

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  1. Consider contributing to CARE who will be there to do development long after the relief effort is over. Red Cross does not do long term development