Thursday, May 29, 2014

Student Spotlight with Mollie Rehner and Chicago Women's Funny Festival

The Chicago Women's Funny Festival - Chicago's THIRD annual festival celebrating women in comedy - has lots of Second City students and grads performing this year. One of our favorites is the wonderful Mollie Rehner, Conservatory student and Head Writer for the de Maat Theater's 'The Midnight Parade' Saturdays at Midnight. We were able to talk to Mollie about the festival and more.

What will you be performing at the Women's Funny Festival and when?
Sketch and musical comedy with my group Prostitute Tears on Thursday June 5 @9pm in The Pro Theatre, Stage 773.

Tell us about your group!
Prostitute Tears is very talented and every person in the group has a ton of creativity. With our shows you can expect music, dance numbers, and material that exposes the comedic seediness of every day life. We are so excited to be performing in this year's Chicago Women's Funny Festival and we are honored to have been selected!

What other shows are you excited to see at the festival?
The Cupid Players, The Fruit Flies, and Brouhaha: An Improvised Puppet Musical

What training have you went through to be where you are today?
I was a producer and writer of a sketch comedy show called Sideshow Comedy at Michigan State University, in which we won an Emmy award. I have also done entertainment reporting and hosting, and made some pretty sweet home movies when I was little. In Chicago, I have trained in The Second City's Conservatory program and at iO Theatre. I have also studied at the The Lincoln Lodge and perform regularly at Stage 773.

What's the coolest thing that has happened to you on stage as a performer in Chicago so far?
I tripped and fell during my very first stand up show. I guess that's what I get for making fun of people.

If you had to give a Chicago newbie comedian one piece of advice, what would it be?
Find a group of people that share your ambitions and passions. I believe if you put in the hard work and have a good attitude, opportunities will present themselves.

Where can we see you performing after the festival's run?
Stage 773! My group Prostitute Tears will be performing all summer!

Anyone you want to shout out to and make them feel special?
Brian Posen and the hard working staff at Stage 773, my Prostitutes, and of course all of the groups performing in this year's Chicago Women's Funny Festival!

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