Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Offstage with Rachel LaForce

Rachel LaForce performed her entire life, but she was always landing what she called the, "Kathy Bates Characters," doing comic relief. So when she discovered Second City, she knew were she had to be.

How did you first get involved in The Second City?
Everyone has a similar story - saw my first Second City show and had that Wayne's World moment - you know when Wayne goes and looks at the guitar he wants and repeats, "Oh yes, you will be mine." I moved to Chicago nine months later.

Tell us about some of the voiceover work you do
I was lucky to be introduced to voiceover work my freshman year of college. Voiceover is a really great way to make money as an actor. My agents are very knowledgable and come out to support me at shows, which is really awesome. Naked Voices. Check them out! I have mostly booked industrials so far. I am still praying for that McDonald's money!

What else are you working on right now?
Casey Whitaker and I are writing our second two women show as LaForce & Whitaker for The Women's Funny Festival at Stage 773 in June. Our show is titled, "Copy. Edit. Paste." and directed by Scott Goldstein. We are trying new styles and it is a whole new format for us, come see it! Saturday, June 8th, 10pm. Whitaker and I are also half of a sketch group called, Wildcard. Carmen Christopher and Greg Worsley make up the other 50%. We are always challenging each other creatively. Worsley and I are currently shooting a webseries titled, "Fights In Cars." We dated for 2 years and are still good friends, so we have a lot of material for relationship based arguments. I have always wanted to write a one women show. I finally gave into myself. The working title is, "I Carried A Watermelon" inspired by one of my favorite lines from Dirty Dancing.

What are some of your hobbies?
I recently read, "It's good to have hobbies. They give without taking. There is no pressure. They're like church" . . . I love to paint. I am not very good at it, but it's relaxing. I LOVE thrifting. You can find the coolest stuff for great deals, and I love the thrill of the hunt. I've been reading a lot more, which feels great. I've really gotten into Ted Talks. It is interesting to get a glimpse into worlds I don't know much about. Is dining out a hobby? I love trying new restaurants . . . Large farm tables, candles, bottles of wine and great friends. Perfect.

What movies, TV shows, etc. influence your comedic style?
My favorite movie for inspiration right now is "Bridesmaids." I am loving watching the ladies of SNL right now. Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant are so fun to watch. Aidy and I improvised together in college and I was always in awe of her. I love "Parks and Rec" - I mean, come on. If you don't watch, "The Mindy Project," I suggest giving it a shot. Louis C. K. is unreal. I'm late to the GIRLS train, but I love it.

What other comedians inspire you?
Lately I have been really inspired by . . . the ladies of Fanny (Claire Mulaney, Blair Beeken, Sarah Shook and Lily Sullivan) I love watching them play. Kristen Schaal. Bobby Moyniham's Drunk Uncle. Barry Hite's references. Tig Notaro. "Let Them Eat Chaos" - good lord this show is fantastic. Anna Kendrick - follow her on Twitter. Mindy Kaling. Aubrey Plaza. The ladies of Superhuman. Lee and Matt Baratts. . . Life long inspirations: Chris Farley. Diane Keaton. Maya Rudolph. Kristen Wiig. Carol Burnett. Ellen. Billy Crystal.

When you’re not acting, improvising or writing, what are you doing?
Sleeping. Ha. That is the most honest answer. I love sleep. It's the best. I mostly make time for my girlfriends that arn't in the community. My girls from college live within 2 blocks from me in Wicker Park. I am lucky to have 2 of my best friends from high school live here as well. I love hanging out with them. It feeds my soul.

By Pamela Birchard


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  2. The only thing that will take me back to NYC is Rach on SNL! Move over ladies, she's going to take it all!!!