Monday, February 11, 2013

Teacher Spotlight: Nancy Fast Interviews Training Center Music Director and Teacher Amanda Murphy

Think you’re tone deaf or can’t sing? You’re wrong! Listen in as Nancy and Amanda talk about Second City’s Musical Improv and Vocal classes, Carol Burnett, guinea pigs and much more!

About Amanda:
Amanda has studied and worked in comedy and musical theater throughout Toronto, Chicago, and New York. She is a composer and lyricist for several groups, including the award winning musical four play which she also co-wrote. She music directs at iO, ComedySportz, the SCTC, and the Annoyance, and freelances for several groups around the city. She is also a performer, playing in both MIHE and SongCo, and in BattleProv at CSz. She has many musical theater credits and sings professionally with both choirs and big bands.

Work with Amanda in Vocal Basics: Song and Character! - (Click Here for more info) Focus on vocal technique, both sung and spoken. The curriculum includes group study as well as substantial individual attention. Perfect for those who want to strengthen their singing and speaking voice, improve range, flexibility, and power.
$150, 4 weeks, 3 hours

Listen to the Podcast!

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