Thursday, April 26, 2012

Live Well in Old Town

Treat yourself with a visit to Old Town this weekend. Twenty-one different wellness businesses in Chicago's historic Old Town neighborhood will be collaborating Thursday, April 26 through Sunday, April 29 to offer an entertaining and informative series of promotions and events. The neighborhood wide collaboration will feature helpful medical screenings, chiropractic services, health lectures, and beauty seminars. Classic Old Town comedy from Second City is featured nightly - listed below are special offers to help you Live Well.

The Second City 100th Revue: Who Do We Think We Are?
20% off tickets (Thrs. 8p | Sun. 7p) with code “HEALTH”.

Sex, Love & The Second City: A Romantic dot Comedy
20% off tickets (Sat. 2:30p | Sun. 4p) w/ code “HEALTH.”

The Second City's History of Chicago
20% off tickets (Sun. 1p) w/ code “HEALTH.”

Click here for a complete list of events.

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