Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Q and A with Steven Kampmann, Writer and Director of BuzzKill

BuzzKill is a film that is in part produced by Second City. It has won numerous awards at festivals and comes out today! To buy or watch BuzzKill visit secondcitysbuzzkill.com.

Q: Was directing War Horse a challenge?

SK: I didn't direct War Horse. That's Steven Spielberg

Q: I meant Contagion.

SK: That's Steven Soderbergh. This "Steven" (meaning me) directed BuzzKill.

Q: Sorry. My brain is a bit fuzzy today. What exactly is a "buzzkill?"

SK: Pretty much what's happening in this interview.

Q: What inspired you to make BuzzKill?

SK: I've always wanted to co-write and direct a film that would take seven years to make – as a practicing Buddhist, it's all part of working on my patience. May I scream now?

Q: BuzzKill is being released on Valentine's Day. Is it a love story?

SK: Let's just say I will love you if you watch it and leave it at that. Go to secondcitysbuzzkill.com - there are two links at the top of the page: one to rent the film through Netflix and one to buy it through Amazon. The film will also be available as a VOD with many local cable companies.

Q: It feels weird to admit but as I watched BuzzKill, I actually lost some weight, looked years younger, and my sex drive went through the roof. Is that a common reaction?

SK: Absolutely. Watching BuzzKill is a powerful health supplement. And it can make you smarter too. In previews, students consistently scored higher on their SATs after watching the film.

Q: Should people who see BuzzKill keep it a secret like they are in al-Qaeda or something?

SK: That would be both incredibly odd and stupid. Believe it or not, films are supposed to be seen by as many people as possible.

Q: Really? That's so interesting. I didn't know that. Of course I barely go to the movies anymore what with DVDs and "streaming" (whatever that is). What should people do after reading this interview?

SK: Drink something to recover, preferably strong, and then forward this email to all their friends telling them to rent or buy BuzzKill. They can also text, Facebook, and tweet.

Q: What is a tweet?

SK: No one knows. But when I drink martinis, I tweet a lot.

Q: Who's your target audience?

SK: Fans of Second City and SNL and all my former students and colleagues at Blair Academy – the best boarding school in America.

Q: Okay, so what should people who know nothing about BuzzKill do? Should they quit their jobs or get divorced or give up all together? I'm lost here.

SK: I can see that. All they need to do is check out the trailer, read a couple of short reviews, and watch the Black Santa video (below on this page) They’ll be hooked.

Q: What is next for you?

SK: Make more movies or maybe just get some dinner.

Q: Thank you for your time, Steven. I just want to say I have enjoyed all your action films like Under Siege and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. It's wonderful you are "spreading your wings" into comedy with BuzzKill. Best of luck.

SK: That's Steven Segal. But thank you anyway.

Happy Valentine's Day - secondcitysbuzzkill.com

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