Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Second City Network Featured in New York Times

The Second City Network was recently featured in The New York Times. In an article about online short form content, reporter Mike Hale wrote, "In this overgrown landscape, it might seem as if there wouldn't be space for an institution as venerable as the five-decade-old Second City. But the troupe, which long ago expanded from the stage into television and film, hasn't budged. Last year it took the fight to the Internet, establishing its own YouTube channel and then a dedicated website, both labeled the Second City Network."

In addition to highlighting the network's Sassy Gay Friend series, he also states, "Worth checking out are Danielle Uhlarik's "Advice for Young Girls" episodes, fairy-tale rules for living delivered from the perspectives of the Little Mermaid ("Never be comfortable in the body that you're given"), Belle of "Beauty and the Beast" ("You don't need to have fancy people friends, things around your house can be your friends") and Snow White ("If you're wandering alone, you should walk into the first house that looks open")."

Additionally, he mentions, "Second City is not alone among long-lived, nationally known sketch troupes with YouTube channels. Videos from the Upright Citizens Brigade can be found under UCBComedy; the Brigade has had its channel since 2007, but trails Second City in subscribers, 76,000 to 27,000, and in total views, 31 million to 23 million. (The brigade's views are bolstered by the popularity of its oil-spill satire "BP Spills Coffee," which has nearly 12 million views on its own.) The IFC television network's channel includes videos by the Whitest Kids U Know."

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