Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Sox vs. Cubs - Seth & TJ Weigh In

<>Second City's Seth Weitberg and TJ Shanoff weigh in on the relationship between Red Sox & Cubs fans as they face off at Fenley this weekend. Seth Weitberg, a Red Sox fan, describes the relationship as "...amazing how quickly it flipped – it switched from empathy to sympathy (for the Cubs fans). There was a time when we were all in it together, Red Sox fans drunk at Fenway, Cubs fans drunk at Wrigley. Now, I just feel bad for them. It's like running into your cousin's basement and finding your uncle there, unkempt and drunk. He doesn't feel like a member of the family anymore. That's the feeling I have about the Cubs right now. They're hopeless at this point."

Unfortunately, T.J., a Cubs fan, has a pretty similar outlook: "My friends say, 'Don't worry, T.J. It'll happen.' Guess what? They're wrong. They're idiots. The Cubs won't win. I say all of this out of love. The Cubs are like the ex-girlfriend that I get drunk and call way too often."

To check out the complete article written by Jon Morosi for Fox Sports, click here.

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