Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Second City Does Baltimore Opens Wednesday!

The Second City Does Baltimore opens Wednesday, January 5 at the Centerstage Theatre in Baltimore! With original material written by TJ Shanoff and Megan Grano and directed by Joseph Jefferson Award Winning Director, Matt Hovde. The cast includes Warren Phynix-Johnson, Brett Lyons, Dana Quercioli, Tim Sniffen, Niccole Thurman and Megan Wilkins. For more information, Centerstage Theatre.

Follow Megan Grano and TJ Shanoff as they immerse themselves in Baltimore culture to prep for writing the show in this great article from the Baltimore Sun.


  1. I saw the show during a preview night and the improv (including guest star "Bob the gum man') was flat out hilarious. I laughed so hard, I cried. The Baltimore skits were funny, and the cast is incredibly talented. My only suggestion is to increase the number of improv skits- your audience will thank you!!!

  2. I saw show last night....I thought the cast was very talented but the baltimore stuff was way too predictable and not that funny to was like they were trying too hard to get a little of everything mentioned.....I did really enjoy the improv and some skits that were just generic...I thought megan wilkins was the stand out.....