Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Second City Leads the Way as Toronto Comedians Raise Funds for Haiti

The Second City has joined the Toronto comedy community in a big fundraising effort: Toronto Comedy Week for Haiti. Dozens of comedy shows around the city are donating their box office proceeds and taking up a collection for the Canadian Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.

Since the launch of this campaign, and thanks to the generosity of our guests, The Second City has already collected over $2000 in donations, and that's the just the beginning!

We'll be collecting donations on site all week, and on Tuesday January 26th at 8pm we'll host our benefit performance - tickets for this performance of Shut Up and Show Us Your Tweets at The Second City Theatre are $24 and every penny of that will be donated to this urgent and important cause!

Plus, on Wednesday January 27th at 9 pm the John Candy Box Theatre, hosts a benefit performance: Heart For Haiti featuring senior faculty, alumni, and guests from the cast of Reach for the Bronze!

Funds raised will support the Canadian Red Cross efforts to provide medical aid and support for earthquake survivors in Port-au-Prince and Panama, Haiti. For more info visit www.redcross.ca or www.comedyforhaiti.com or to purchase a ticket for our benefit show, contact our box office at 416-343-0011.

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